A wedding is made sacred by the vows that two people share with one another, before God and those who come to witness the ancient ritual that unites two to become one. Whether the vows are a recitation of classic passages, or uniquely written by the individuals wishing to wed, the weight and symbolism remains the same.

Below I share the vows with which I wed my wonderful husband, who energizes and inspires me every day.


Vows to Wed Michael J. Starks


I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that we are right where we belong.

And as I reflect on our past, bask in our present, while laying tracks toward our future, I fully realize just how blessed we truly are to have found one another.

Today and forever more, I will take pleasure in, and be forever grateful, for knowing what’s it’s like to love fully, and to be fully loved in return.

Ours is a love without boundaries, without judgement nor prequalification. It’s a Love for who I am. Love for who you are, and most importantly, love for who we become together.

Our lives are now and will forever be a common thread, intertwined and folded into the most beautiful expression of ourselves.

I know not every day will be rosy, we will have our crashes, ebbs and flows. But this I do know:

That if we continue to practice patience we will always meet halfway.

That if we continue to gift each other kindness, we will always catch each other’s best light.

That if we continue to practice compassion, we will see in each other the imperfect person with whom we fell in love.

If we insist on finding empathy, we will always find our way back home.

And If we extend hands of forgiveness, our two will always remain one.

I remember the day I met you Michael, it was a beautiful summer day. We sat near the window of Amelie’s bakery shop and had a sandwich and coffee.

Three words come to mind, nervous, passion, laughter.

You spoke passionately of your time in Kenya, and your affection for the children you taught.

You spoke about your beautifully big family, and all your little nieces and nephews.

And there was laughter, plenty of laughter, and also plenty of nervous laughter.

But what was at first a nervous laughter, over time became a laughter that clearly stems from an authentic joy of life, and all the people, both big and small in it.

To know you is to love you, And I fell willingly and happily each step of the way.

From your love for children,

To your faithfulness to your friends

From your commitment to family,

To your fervor, and then your commitment, for even me.

Your passion for life and the people in it inspires me every day.

So today, I stand before you, Michael J Starks, before God, family and friends, to shamelessly profess my unconditional love for you.

You have taught me to live vibrantly, to breath life into every precious moment, to enjoy the stillness, and to be present for the action. To live more mindfully, and to love fully.

I stand before you today, fully embracing your love and laughter.

Here is my promise to you:

I promise to laugh with you.

I promise to be joyful with you.

I promise to guide, and be guided,

I promise to receive correction with an open heart.

And to give direction with a gentle hand.

I promise to put our relationship first.

I promise to listen

I promise to share triumphs, challenges and defeats as one.

I promise to be compassionate

To practice empathy

And to admit defeat.

I promise to respect you, as a man, as my husband, and maybe one day, as a father to our children.

I promise to walk with you, faithfully, each step of the way.